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Livestock Protection


Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while protecting our cows from disease. Learn about our healthy alternatives minimizing illness among your animals. 




Raising Cows

Need help raising your livestock? You can hire our professional consultants or hire one of our farmers to design a plan for improving your farming methods.



Cow Sales

We have great relationships with cow distributors around the globe and can get the cattle you need for the cheapest price.  




Irish Dairy Cows

Providing farmers with the herd to improve their livestock.

Improve your herd

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Breeding, protecting, and raising cows requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements. With Dairy Cows UK hands-on training, we teach farmers advanced methods that they'll need to raise a quality herd.


Dairy Cows UK’s instructors have traveled the world and have a rich understanding of agricultural environments as well as natural elements. With our services, an instructor will visit your land to get a better understand your area's feed and weather conditions. From there we'll determine how to change your methods for improved breeding. 


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